F IF VVS 0.93 cts total diamond tennis bracelet in white gold

Tennis bracelet with 0.01 F IF VVS quality diamonds set in square white gold. Concealed closure and double 8-point safety against accidental release.

Exceptional value for money.

Setting that enhances the carat weight of the individual stones. The open and free bottom allows a greater passage of optimal light to enhance the flickering

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The women's tennis bracelet has a really curious history: initially known as eternity bracelet (eternity is still the name that identifies the ring all around ...), it was often worn by the famous American tennis player Chris Evert even during the most important matches. . And, just during one of these, at the US Open in 1987, while she was playing the closure of the diamond bracelet broke, in the desperation of the moment she decided to ask the chair judge to stop the game to look for him. The judge obviously agrees to the interruption of the game. From that day on, the famous bracelet was called a tennis bracelet and, brought to the fore by the media, which gave prominence to the event (it was an Open ... not the courtyard tournament), it became one of the most loved jewels both by women and men. . The tennis bracelet is composed of a single row of natural round brilliant-cut white diamonds. Today they are also produced with emeralds, rubies and black diamonds or with multicolor sapphires for the most original and eccentric types. Thanks to its diffusion and modularity of the price (they can be made both in gold and in silver and platinum, varying the quality of the gems and their naturalness or not) it is certainly, after the ring solitaire, the most coveted and requested jewel.


Our tennis bracelets are made with care and skill by expert goldsmiths using the best and highest quality materials. We personally select every single stone which must be carefully calibrated with a special sieve because diamonds (or other gems) of the same carat weight can have slightly different diameters and therefore not be compatible with each other to make a high quality tennis bracelet.

Only following this meticulous selection work, done entirely by hand, the bracelet will be entrusted to the setter who will fix the gems in the setting in a workmanlike manner, without then there being the risk that with the use stones could be lost. .



It is a jewel suitable to be given as a gift on various occasions and for all ages.

Gioiellitorino.com offers exclusively products made in Italy. All our tennis are handcrafted, hand-assembled, and encased by master cashiers

All diamonds are selected one by one (after sifting) and all those with excessive fluorescence are discarded. The purity of the stones must be as uniform as possible, as well as the position of any inclusions.

In order to offer a very high quality product that stands out from the mass of generalist products, we do not make any tennis bracelet with stones that have strong inclusions or "icings" (a misnomer but which well represents the idea) that can be classified, gemmologically, as I (Inclusions ) or P (pique).

We always try to create the right balance between price and quality, trying, as far as possible, to shift this relationship in favor of the customer by offering him the opportunity to buy at extremely affordable prices.

Buying a gioiellitorino.com product therefore means protecting your purchase over time, making use of a top quality after-sales service carried out by highly specialized personnel with technical knowledge superior to most traditional jewelers.

It does not matter whether you buy a 925 silver jewel, a solitaire in white gold, yellow gold or pink gold, with a certified and guaranteed natural diamond, a 0.50 points light point necklace, a white gold tennis bracelet with diamonds, a silver tennis bracelet with zircons, a precious stone (Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Tanzanite, Aquamarine, Alexandrite, Pearl, etc etc), a coin for your numismatic collection or simply 500 lire coins Caravelle or bullion coins to hoard silver ..... because in any case it will be a pleasant purchase, guaranteed, certified and destined to last over time.

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Metallo Prezioso
Titolo Metallo Prezioso
750°°° - 18 KT
Caratura Diamanti
Color Stone
New Object
Perizia Gemmologica
Bracciale Tennis