Gioielli Torino is not a virtual jewelry store: it is a physical shop and laboratory. The laboratory is located in the busiest area of ​​Turin, where people work in silence, without big claims to offer the best at the right price: Mirafiori. In perfect "Torinese Style". A few steps from the FCA, the Lingotto Station and the Turin interstate road, easily reachable by public transport.

The shop-showroom is located in the "Centro-Crocetta" district area in Duca degli Abruzzi 66, in the “Crocetta” area, easily reachable also by public transport (Vespucci stop at 30mt) and a few meters from the famous "Crocetta market. "and the even more renowned “Polytechnic of Turin”.

In a comfortable, pleasant and quiet space you can, by appointment, try, touch with your hand, wear all the jewels on the website in order to test the quality of the frames and stones. At your disposal, our gemologist will be able to answer all your questions to make you make an intelligent, thoughtful, aware and prudent purchase.

We are a pool of specialists who bring together various knowledge and experiences in one place: gemologist, precious appraiser, goldsmith master, wholesale of precious stones and diamonds, experts at your service that a jeweler cannot offer

We are an Artisan Jewelery Laboratory intended as an ornament and artistic expression, at the highest quality levels for every economic segment.

We select the best jewels, the best gems and those that represent the best relationship between quality and price that the market offers to create on our own, on commission, and not only, jewels able to satisfy the demands of customers.

We are therefore able to offer high-quality jewels with excellent precious stones to anyone who wants to get the best result from their budget with minimum effort.

There are no intermediate steps that increase the price: behind us there are only mine, cutting, for gems and factory for manufacturing.

All the steps, which originate excessive markups on the final price, are reset. This is why our prices are always among the best on the market.

We have made quality and consistency our obsessive and essential "manias": we guarantee every jewel exactly as stated, no exceptions.

All our jewels are accompanied by a Gemological Report which certifies the quality and the estimate of the replacement value.

The certificate, issued by Gemologist I.G.I. Antwerp and Expert of Jewellery by  the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, member of the College of Italian Experts, is the only document with legal value that is universally recognized by all insurance companies, law enforcement agencies and all courts; it is therefore the maximum expression of guarantee for the buyer. In fact, there is no other document that can better protect the buyer

We offer, for each product, a service that includes the following characteristics


• Top product quality for the respective price range

• Dedicated Customer Service, operational 7/7 days 330 days a year

• 14 day right of reconsideration with full refund

• Lifetime after-sales assistance for gold and diamond jewelry

Gioielli Torino does not want to be a simple jewelry store but it wants to be your life partner, for you, your family, your descendants.

To do this, our commitment will always be oriented towards the utmost professionalism, fairness, transparency and confidentiality.

To satisfy our intent, our prices are always ethical, anchored to the stock market value, never with a further mark-up, to ensure that your purchase can be protected over time and can generate or maintain its purchasing power.